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Socialist Republic of Japan by ColumbianSFR Socialist Republic of Japan :iconcolumbiansfr:ColumbianSFR 14 2 Alternate Prussian Flag by ColumbianSFR Alternate Prussian Flag :iconcolumbiansfr:ColumbianSFR 18 1 -Fic Flag-  Global Union of Fascist and NatSocs by ColumbianSFR -Fic Flag- Global Union of Fascist and NatSocs :iconcolumbiansfr:ColumbianSFR 9 10 America-Occupied by Japan by ColumbianSFR America-Occupied by Japan :iconcolumbiansfr:ColumbianSFR 24 2 NSDAP Eagle Fasces by ColumbianSFR NSDAP Eagle Fasces :iconcolumbiansfr:ColumbianSFR 14 0 American Third Positionist Front by ColumbianSFR American Third Positionist Front :iconcolumbiansfr:ColumbianSFR 20 3 NatBol H-S Emote by ColumbianSFR NatBol H-S Emote :iconcolumbiansfr:ColumbianSFR 6 0 Falanga Emote by ColumbianSFR Falanga Emote :iconcolumbiansfr:ColumbianSFR 5 0 Falanga Ball by ColumbianSFR Falanga Ball :iconcolumbiansfr:ColumbianSFR 8 0 someone1fy's STG-75V by ColumbianSFR someone1fy's STG-75V :iconcolumbiansfr:ColumbianSFR 9 9 Polish Falanga Flag by ColumbianSFR Polish Falanga Flag :iconcolumbiansfr:ColumbianSFR 14 1 RA1945's ARY Logo by ColumbianSFR RA1945's ARY Logo :iconcolumbiansfr:ColumbianSFR 11 1 RA's YPA and ARY symbols by ColumbianSFR RA's YPA and ARY symbols :iconcolumbiansfr:ColumbianSFR 8 1 Fictional Canadian NatSoc Flag by ColumbianSFR Fictional Canadian NatSoc Flag :iconcolumbiansfr:ColumbianSFR 8 5 US of Eurasia Flag by ColumbianSFR US of Eurasia Flag :iconcolumbiansfr:ColumbianSFR 23 1 National Bolshevik - Strasserist Prop. Poster by ColumbianSFR National Bolshevik - Strasserist Prop. Poster :iconcolumbiansfr:ColumbianSFR 16 3



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United States
Third Position Stamp by ColumbianSFR

xX Beautiful Flag by ComradePepe SFR_DOOMER Nazbol Tinier by ComradePepeXx

For future references, you don't need to ask me anything in terms of permission if one wants to use anything of mine, it's all public domain with the exception of maybe three or so things. You don't need to ask me just to clear things up, use what ever you want if you wish.

Just a Centre-Left Nationalist with sympathies to Third Postionism, Anarchism, and some elements of Communism.

For those who want to argue with a snotty or rude attitude about politics, religion, etc... Understand, I'm a tolerant person that can handle opposing views and criticism of my moral views, but only if the opposing person is respectable, polite, and understanding of opposing views themselves. Also please note I don't condone violent actions by people whom run amok.

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Vendetta-55 Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2017
I hope you are doing well, my friend. Best wishes, Vendetta.

Also, I hope you continue with your art in the future, even if you are busy right now or are taking a hiatus.
someone1fy Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2017
It's been a long time no see. How are you?
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happy birthday dude.
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TawogAdventure Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2017
I know this is random, but I have truly made a really pathetic totalitarian state that is the Rason regime. I'll tell you why in a minute. XD
townleys Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2017
Get off of my business partners page
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